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High performing and financial healthy organisations (for a longer period of time), distinguish themselves with level 5 leadership. Personally modest, but with professional willpower. That’s how we can summarise a level 5 leader, according to researcher Jim Collins (“Good to Great”). Ambitious, but that ambition is focussed on the possibilities and successes of a business or an individual. Inspiring by appealing standards and values. He/she is averse to mediocracy and remains focussed on the higher goal.

To this benchmark I’d like to help others with the right intentions. With a strong financial background as foundation, broad business orientation and interest. Attention to the cold performance, to the broader dynamics of business processes and realisation of a product. And attention to the empowerment of people responsible directly or indirectly.
Thinking and acting strategically. With a style typical for my positive-critical, ‘can do’ approach. Naturally focussed at new possibilities/improvements, encouraging and making results happen.

“Empowering the performance of people, business and finance”. Ensuring the right people are on board and help them become successful. Focus at a winning strategy and hold on relentlessly to key standards/values/ideas. Monitor and drive strong performance and financial health, even though meeting first two conditions will provide a good impulse.

Marius Kwakkel