Management Informatie

So Insights is key to feedback on strategy execution and follow up, and sets standards to the finance and control environment. This requires a strong management information concept, a performance management process and a data driven mindset mastering the detail.

The Topsheet is such a powerful Management Information concept which has demonstrated its strength in leading multinational businesses, SMB, including scale-ups and startups. Build from various data sources, it involves:

  • A view on business performance and financials in óne page.
  • A focus on the key value drivers, financial and non financial.
  •  A single language across the business to pursue its ambition


Management Information is only the beginning.

In order to improve performance and financial health, continuous attention to action is needed. Analysing and mastering the detail behind this information, is essential to understand potential and make decisions on priorities. Operationalizing KPI’s to other parts of the organisation and setting up a performance management and communication process closes the loop.