High performance and financial health is for each organisation a condition to achieve long term ambitions, to sustain continuity and pursue new ambitions.
An organisation in great financial health and doing high performance requires a clear Strategy, Insights in performance, and proper (accounting and) Control. A continuous focus on the execution of the strategic plan, feedback on the heading sailing and the effectiveness of actions, and avoiding surprise through a robust financial-administrative foundation.

To what extend are you and your organisation still in control? How do you lead and how does your information structure support this? How do you make the right assessment and financially optimal decisions in line with de direction agreed?

In that context, focus at Insight plays an unique role.
With a focus on Insight, (accounting and) control is being pushed to best practice, setting standards to the control environment and driving an effective-efficient structure and processes. In such conjunction, data is turned into meaningful information.
A focus on Insight in turn provides guidance to strategic decision making and leadership and drives almost by itself to best possible results. Better insights, better decision making, higher performance.

Another key to succes to achieve ánd to sustain high performance and great financial health with your organisation, are standards and values. Many organisations have though about behavioural standards and values and implemented it. We add three Principles to this. A relentless drive of compliance to next three Principles makes the difference between mediocracy and great:
  • Never assume
  • Quality drives efficiency (and performance)
  • Failing to plan is Planning to fail
This view hasn’t missed its effect with many organisations, large and small, profit and non profit. Want to know more how this can work to your benefit? Let’s get in touch!


PS. Have a look at this unique Management Information concept, to get a practical sense of what could be part of your business process.